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The resilience of river, estuarine and coastal systems through infrastructure works and nature-based solutions, integrated with the management of basins and their ecosystems, is essential for adaptation to climate change, conservation and responsible use of ecosystem services. that these systems offer.

Some of our representative services are:

  • Hydrological, hydraulic, hydrodynamic, sedimentological and morphological numerical modeling

  • Restoration of rivers and streams to control bank erosion, sediment management and conservation of water connectivity of river systems.

  • Solutions, management and control of floods and droughts in rivers

  • Dredging and navigability plans in waterways and ports

  • Assessment of coastal processes, sediment dynamics, landscape change trajectory

  • Erosion and flood management in coastal areas

  • Studies and solutions for resilience and adaptation to climate change in river, estuarine and coastal systems

  • Application of Nature-Based Solutions – SBN in river and coastal systems.

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