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The planning and management of urban, agricultural, natural basins and transition zones are sensitive axes for the conservation and sustainability of ecosystems.

Demographic growth and anthropogenic activities interact with the hydrological regime and ecosystem adaptation in the basins. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the sustainable, efficient and equitable use of water, from supply to the preservation of aquatic habitats. Our participation in this scope involves the following actions:

  • Hydrological modeling of urban, rural and natural basins considering variability and climate change

  • Master plans and water and basin planning including participation of social groups in decision-making

  • Analysis and management of ecosystem services considering conservation measures, demand management, protection of aquatic ecosystems and resolution of water use conflicts

  • Restoration and management of watersheds and ecosystems based on management strategies and practices and nature-based solutions

  • Agricultural practices and soil and water conservation measures to improve long-term sustainability

  • Water balance of surface and groundwater sources

  • Stochastic hydrology and hydrological forecasts

  • Water and environmental solutions to facilitate the management of hydraulic works and prevent risks of drought and flooding in vulnerable regions

  • Remote sensors and GIS applied to watershed and ecosystem management

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